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Sunshine MEDIA G2 Control


Sunshine Proprietary MEDIA G2 Control

The Sunshine MEDIA G2 Control offers performance and features unmatched in the industry. The sophisticated electronic control is fully programmable, and is adaptable over a wide range of filter applications.

Media Lifespan Indicator

  • An audible and visual Indicator informs the user to check the media

  • The lifespan value can be programmed to accommodate a range of system sizes

Programmable Output Signal

  • Provides an optional flow based dry contact closure
    for chemical feed

Low Chemical Feed Indicator

  • A visual indicator informs the user of low chemical level

No Flow Indicator

  • Informs user that flow meter requires maintenance

Sophisticated Electronics
The Sunshine MEDIA G2
electronic control uses NOVRAM to retain customized settings and historical data in the event of a power interruption. A rechargeable 9-volt battery provides back up for Time of Day. Fully programmable parameters allow for flexibility across a wide range of systems and applications. Historical data, such as Peak Flow, Average Daily Water Usage, Days since Backwash, are easily accessible for diagnosing and troubleshooting the system. During normal operation the display provides immediate feedback (capacity remaining and flow rate). Cycle indicators on the faceplate allow the user to quickly view each cycle position without having to press a button.

Reliable High Performance Valve
The trouble-free valve design has been used for over 30 years in the water treatment industry and provides reliable operation. All material is resistant to chlorine and chloramines. The valve body is molded in high strength thermoplastic material. Full 1-inch valve provides exceptional service flow rates to meet today's water demands. Excellent backwash flow capabilities allow for use on a large range of system sizes. All valve components are easily accessible for quick and trouble-free servicing.

MEDIA G2 is a registered trademark of ADI International, Inc.