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Sunshine Water Treatment has been a family owned and operated Michigan enterprise since 1960 with locations in Linden, Michigan and Highland, Michigan. Sunshine has a FREE water analysis laboratory that can test for hardness, iron, PH, total dissolved solids, ARSENIC, chloride, sodium, silica, sulfate, chlorine, ferrous iron, heme iron, nitrates, nitrites, tannin and phosphates. Sunshine prides itself on solving the most difficult of water problems. Sunshine not only treat indoor water, but water for irrigation and landscaping purposes. Sunshine also has salt, bottled water and coolers available for pick up or delivery.


Sunshine Water Conditioners is a company that manufacturers water treatment equipment. Sunshine also supplies commercial and industrial companies for car washes, apartments, hotels, colleges, hospitals, circuit board manufacturers, window manufacturers greenhouses, modular home parks, municipalities, humidifiers, paint booths for automobiles, car dealerships, etc. Sunshine has no geographical boundaries. An example of some distant sales include Australia, Canada, Mexico, California, Wisconsin, Florida, etc. Sunshine manufacturers a full range of water treatment equipment, which includes: Aeration, Degasification, Deionization, Demineralization, Filtration, ARSENIC REMOVAL, Reclamation, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet, Chlorinating and Water Conditioning.


Sunshine has licensed and experienced water treatment personnel in all areas of operation that provides the expertise support that is required. The central focus is upon quality of merchandise and timely efficient service. They are members of the National Water Quality Association, Michigan Water Quality Association and the Local Chamber of Commerce. The company employs approximately 30 people, including traveling service representatives who act as full-time troubleshooters. It maintains a fleet of 10 vehicles and occupies just over 12,000 square feet.


Over 5.5 billion dollars will be spent from 2003 - 2006 for updating type I and type II water treatment plants for arsenic removal not including the residential sector to comply with the new federal requirements.


Sunshine Water Treatment
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